BMW M2 CS is preparing to debut in the coming days

BMW M2 CS готовится к дебюту в ближайшие дни

The head of the M division of BMW M2 has described CS as a “race car with license plates”.

This year BMW has released four SUV M, presenting advanced versions of its X3, X4, X5 and X6, but if You’re a fan of real sports cars, best for You is yet to come. Only a few days left before the premiere of the “hot” M2 today – CS.

Recently the head of BMW M Marcus Flush during the festival, BMW M told about the version of the M2 for club sports. He described the coupe as “the most fresh and pure model of the BMW M released in a long time,” adding that she was “phenomenal and rides like a race car with license plates”.

Flush did not disclose technical specifications, but we can assume that M2 CS will have a little more power and slightly less weight than the M2 Competition. According to a leak of information from the newsletter of dealers, the latest coupe 2-Series the current generation boasts 444 horsepower, which is 40 “more horses” than the M2 Competition, and torque increased to 550 Nm. They say that to meet all customers ‘ BMW will offer a choice between a 6-speed manual transmission and 2-speed and 7-speed automatic transmission.

Expected such “bonuses” as carbon-ceramic brakes, the tires are “Velcro” Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 for the 19-inch wheels, as well as improvements to chassis and suspension setup. The interior will also be slightly revised: it will get lighter thin front seats and may lose some of the convenience in the quest to lose weight.

With the advent of M2 CS will actually cease production of the known motor S55 S-units, as the new S58, debuted in the X3 M and X4 M will serve as his replacement and will power the next M3 and M4. It is expected that CS, the M2 will be offered in the course of the year, and then “retire”, replaced by the next generation 2-Series, followed by another M2 approximately in 2022.

In conclusion, we note that M2 is CS – is not the only model for club sports on the agenda of the BMW, as recent spy shots have shown that the CS M5 is in the works. Meanwhile, M2 CS premiere will be held early next month, probably at the motor show in Los Angeles.