BMW may release a production pick-up (PHOTO)

BMW может выпустить серийный пикап (ФОТО)

The Bavarian automaker is ready to challenge Mercedes X-class.

One of the latest projects BMW is a luxury pickup base model X7.

It is noted that the car worked with a team of interns in the support of experts from the technical divisions of the company. If the new product will be liked by the audience at the presentation, the speech can go about mass production of a pickup truck.

Project pickup BMW X7 has been in development for nine months the initiative group of 12 people. Experts managed to save the cabin with two rows of seats, and instead of the Luggage compartment to place compact truck platform, whose length is 1.4 meter.

If you tilt the rear side, the compartment length is increased to 2 metres. If necessary, the loading platform can transport the motorcycle, which was confirmed by the developers by pickup BMW F 850 GS.

At the same loading platform of a BMW X7 has the premium carbon fiber trim and expensive wood. The individual elements of the bodywork are made with a new industrial 3D printer, which demonstrates the great technical potential of the brand.

Under the hood of the truck is placed a 340-horsepower gasoline engine version xDrive 40i. The official premiere of the novelty will take place at the event BMW Motorrad Days.

BMW может выпустить серийный пикап (ФОТО)

BMW может выпустить серийный пикап (ФОТО)