BMW Motorrad is the active cruise control for motorcycles

BMW Motorrad представляет активный круиз-контроль для мотоциклов

Adaptive cruise control, which automatically comfortable to follow ahead of the vehicle, has long been used and widely circulated on the cars, but until today was not used on production bikes. BMW Motorrad plans to remedy that omission and to provide customers with an extra level of comfort on long journeys with the system of active cruise control ACC.

BMW Motorrad Active Cruise Control (ACC) is a driver assistance system developed by BMW in conjunction with Bosch, a long-standing partner of BMW in the creation of systems of safety and comfort of drivers. ACC automatically adjusts the speed of the motorcycle when you change the distance to moving ahead of the vehicle based on the driver of the motorcycle settings, keeping the distance unchanged. The driver can choose from three levels of distance, set speed and to set the level of automatic acceleration/deceleration: comfortable and dynamic.

The main difference between motorcycle from a car, in terms of operating systems actively maintaining distance from the vehicle in front that a motorcycle leans in turns. The developers of the BMW Motorrad Active Cruise Control took into account this factor: the system takes into account the deviation of the motorcycle from the vertical axis and limits the change in speed when cornering to ensure maximum stability.

Important note: BMW Motorrad ACC is a driver assistance system, which does not imply complete transfer of control automation. The system is configured to interact with moving objects, but to stop at intersections or in front of stationary obstacles the driver must brake himself / herself.

For additional information, please contact:

Ilya Baryshev, BMW Group Russia