BMW owners can get new features “over the air”

Владельцы BMW смогут получать новые функции «по воздуху»

However, the activation of, say, adaptive cruise control or ventilation of the seats will have to pay, and regularly.

The new operating system BMW iDrive seventh generation, which debuted with a restyled family of 5-series, will allow the manufacturer to implement an unusual scheme for supplying additional equipment.

The company said that most new cars are already equipped with mechanisms and hardware required to operate a number of additional options – for example, adaptive dampers or “smart” high beam. When you reorder the future owner of this equipment when purchasing the car just update the software to activate the desired functionality.

And in the future to involve, for example, adaptive cruise, heated and memory seats or remote start system the engine will be available on request after purchase of the car by ordering the update of software “over the air”. In the BMW I assume that this feature will be popular among car owners, still undecided at the time of purchase, what options they will need.

The company plans to offer some features a free trial period (of the month), after which the virtual “conversions” will have to pay extra. Pay will also be different – or to purchase a new feature, or take it in a kind of “rental” subscription for a year or three (despite the fact that there is an “iron” the owner of a BMW has, in fact, paid at the time of purchase of the car at the dealer).