BMW showed the new M3 on video

BMW показала новый M3 на видео

“Charged” sedan BMW M3 will get a 510-horsepower engine and all-wheel drive.

BMW has published in YouTube a video with a story about the “charged” sedan M3 next generation, which will debut in the coming months. At the moment the Bavarians are testing auxiliary electronic systems and chassis set up.

The prototype test vehicle, shown in the video, concealed by camouflage. So will the new M3 is a huge “nostrils” in the style of “four” second-generation M4 coupe and the future is not yet clear.

Sports sedan will be equipped with three-liter inline six-cylinder engine with two turbines, which will be available in two levels of boost. The initial option would be to develop 480 HP, while the flagship version of the Competition will receive the engine capacity of 510 horsepower. BMW M3 for the first time will receive a full drive: in the default configuration, the thrust will be transmitted to the rear axle, however, if desired, the driver can enable the mode with four driving wheels.