Body parents found little daughter: details a terrible murder in Odessa region

Тела родителей обнаружила маленькая дочь: подробности жуткого убийства в Одесской области

The details of the killings of 14 August, when in Lyubashevka Odessa region the husband shot his wife with a hunting rifle and then shot himself.

This is reported in “Extraordinary news.”

A terrible discovery – the bodies of two parents – found 8-year-old daughter in the morning. About the incident she told in front of the living relatives, who called the police.

Couple – 45-year-old Valery and 38-year-old Elena married just a year ago. Each of them had two children from a previous marriage. Neighbors say that the couple always lived peacefully, walked down the street by the hand, looked cheerful and happy. The kids loved stepfather, conflicts. Even on the eve of the tragedy, nothing betrayed the situation of conflict between the spouses.

The police report that the last two weeks Valery had problems with alcohol. Under examination, which should establish the presence of alcohol in the blood of the deceased.