Boeing has postponed by three months the launch of a new spacecraft to the ISS

Boeing отложила на три месяца запуск нового корабля к МКС

Us company Boeing has postponed for three months, an unmanned launch of the spacecraft, the CST-100 Cockpit to the International space station. For the same period and postponed the start of the ship with the crew.

Previously, the timing of the first unmanned launch of the spacecraft, the CST-100 Cockpit was changed from March to April 2019. Channel NDTV reported that at the same schedule for the first flight of the ship with the crew was left unchanged – it is scheduled for August 2019.

Since 2011 to the International space station with manned vehicles fly only Russian Soyuz spacecraft. They provide Russian, American and other members of the ISS crew. In USA new spacecraft for manned missions has developed SpaceX and Boeing. The spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX, was launched to the ISS on 2 March and for the first time docked with the station on 3 March.

Its undocking took place on 8 March. Ship after descending by parachute splashdown in the Atlantic ocean. In July may be the launch of the ship with the pilots by Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on Board, after which NASA will make a decision on the certification of Crew Dragon for regular flights.

What is known about the CST-100 Cockpit?Projected U.S. partially reusable manned transport spacecraft developed by Boeing in the framework of the development of commercial manned space vehicles, organized and funded by NASA. The machine in the future will be used for delivery of cargo and crew. The CST-100 can carry a team of 7 people. It is expected that the device will deliver crew to the International space station.

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