Boeing launched the 737 MAX

Boeing возобновил производство самолетов 737 MAX

The exact number of produced aircraft is not called.

Airline Boeing announced the resumption of production of its 737 MAX model at the plant in Renton, Washington.

Boeing says it will gradually increase production of the 737 MAX this year.

The statement said that while the small production volumes, as the company implemented more than a dozen initiatives to support safety in the workplace and preserve the quality of the products. At the same time, the exact number of produced planes is not called.

Five months later, under similar circumstances, another crashed Boeing 737 Max – in Ethiopia, after which the operation of aircraft of this model were suspended worldwide.

After the tragedy in Ethiopia regulators around the world banned the aircraft to fly MAX.

Investigation of accident in Ethiopia is not yet complete; the report on the crash in Indonesia was published on 25 October 2019, he took 353 pages. It notes that the crash has led a series of malfunctions, mistakes and violations by the manufacturer and the carrier and its pilots.

Indonesian investigators concluded that the cause of the crash of steel mechanical and structural problems in the system improve the performance of maneuvering (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, MCAS) – she’s in the background and corrected the pilot’s actions.

In the U.S. Congress in the fall held a hearing at which it was announced that the American aviation authorities after the crash 737 Max in Indonesia in October 2018 was aware of the risk of recurrence of the incident.

Also, the analysis conducted by the Federal office of civil aviation USA, showed that for the further operation of the aircraft could occur at least a dozen such disasters, if the design of the 737 Max will not be changed.

In January 2020 Boeing has officially stopped production of the 737 Max series.

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