Boeing shareholders filed a lawsuit against the group

Акционеры Boeing подали иск на концерн

Investors accused the leadership of the Boeing deliberate concealment of important information concerning safety.

After the crash of Boeing 737 Max in Indonesia and Ethiopia the shareholders of American aircraft Corporation filed a lawsuit in connection with the deliberate concealment of problems in the field of security. The concern is concealed from investors-existing problems that led to the collapse of the two aircraft of type Boeing 737 Max, said the representative of the law firm Hagens Berman on Wednesday, April 10. The crash caused a collapse in the value of shares of the Corporation on the new York stock exchange.

At the request of the lawyers, Boeing accused that the leadership of the group hid from investors the fact that the important system security was not included in the basic equipment of the aircraft, and sold advanced, and many airlines were not to buy them. In addition, Boeing said that during the certification of engineers Federal aviation administration is virtually shifted to the engineers concern most of the authority for security assessment.

Boeing has put profit above safety

This is in clear conflict of interest, as Boeing wanted to quickly go to market with the new model, ahead of its rival, the European Airbus. “Deadly risks” intentionally concealed from investors, said attorney reed Kathrein. “Boeing has put profit and the pursuit of growth above all else to safety,” said the lawyer.

In the group the shareholders ‘ claim has not yet commented. Currently, Boeing has also filed claims of relatives of victims of air crashes. To address them, the Corporation, according to estimates by Bloomberg, will have to pay about $ 1 billion.


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