Bogatyrev was a friend… Tatiana Arntgolts reunited with her ex-husband

Богатырев остался другом... Татьяна Арнтгольц воссоединилась с бывшим мужем

“Incredibly beautiful,” Ivan Zhidkov was publicly praising ex-wife.

Rumors about the break-up of Tatiana Arntgolts and Mark Bogatyrev grow with extraordinary speed. Recent events have clearly shown that Bogatyrev was a friend of the actress. Tatiana was reunited with her ex-husband. It is obvious, especially after the rave review of Ivan Zhidkova to the recent publication of a celebrity. After 5 years of marriage with Arntgolts ex-beloved girl twice tried to build a serious relationship.

With Lilia Solovieva Zhidkov lived in a civil marriage, and in 2017, the companion gave birth to son Stepan. Having a baby is not saved, and the couple broke up. The second attempt to start over once again suffered a complete collapse. Among the reasons for the disagreements Lily called unexpected “invasion” Tatiana…

Jealousy swept Solovyov fiancee Ivan could not silently endure extremely frequent meetings of men with the former and ongoing “match-making” with their fans. Arntgolts turned his attention to Mark, but their relationship is strange. Bogatyrev repeatedly suffered setbacks in his personal life.

Unrequited love for Elena Armin van Buuren has made a serious impact on the psychological state of Mark. Apparently, the actor and so didn’t trust Tatiana, and she often had a boyfriend on the strength of frequent flirting with strange men.

Arntgolts and Bogatyrev was able to realize that a friendly relationship – the best way in the current situation of misunderstanding and quarrels. In the stories she shared an exciting video: a pair of cuts through the air – presumably on a motorcycle, and joyful artist does not hide positive emotions.

In the microblog of the Brand Arntgolts and did not find – was not found for photographs even after the recent 35th anniversary of the star of “Kitchen”. Perhaps Bogatyrev still not adopted such a bleak outcome relationship with Tatiana, which certainly wanted more than just a joint “rides”.

For Jidkova certainly not say that the man suffers from loneliness. Ivan conducts an active way shines with happiness – perhaps the tracks of the former spouses again closed, to be able to give a reappraisal of the events of the past and to forget all resentment.

Богатырев остался другом... Татьяна Арнтгольц воссоединилась с бывшим мужем

Богатырев остался другом... Татьяна Арнтгольц воссоединилась с бывшим мужем