Boiling water on his head. Mariupol suffered burns in the bus

Кипяток на голову. Мариупольцы получили ожоги в автобусе

Yesterday, June 24, the team suffered burns in the bus No. 136.

About it 0629 reported by eyewitnesses.

It happened around 8 o’clock in the morning. Hot liquid flowed from the ceiling onto the heads of passengers. People began to scream and run to the door, I started to panic.

The accident injured several people.

In the Central Department of the police said that they knew about the incident. Yesterday, line 102 there have been appeals for this reason, law enforcement authorities gather information about the incident.

The head of the Department of transport and communication Vasily klat told 0629 that the incident occurred due to a failure in the heating system. The bus broke through the pipe and passengers doused with boiling water. According to Klata, two people received minor burns. they have already been examined by the doctors and sent me home.

“Contacted by the carrier. He is obliged to compensate the damage associated with the recovery and purchase of medicines, passengers. The incident is over, a technical malfunction on the bus resolved,” – said Vasily klat.

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Law enforcement officers