Bolder for Facebook: TikTok collects record amount of data about users

Наглее за Facebook: TikTok собирает рекордное количество данных о пользователях

Наглее за Facebook: TikTok собирает рекордное количество данных о пользователях

After the beta version of iOS 14 appeared strict list of restrictions for third-party applications popular service TikTok caught in the continuous monitoring of the clipboard device. But, in fact, it happened far worse: according to the study program code amount of collected data that it beats all known records.

This was stated by one of the users of the forum Reddit under the nickname bangorlor, which “dismantled” TikTok literally lines of code, and studied the algorithm of the service. He came to the conclusion that the application collects unusual for social networking data and published an impressive list of such requests.

Data is collected TikTok

In particular, the application is interested in the type of smartphone processor, number of cores, display resolution, amount of memory installed and even recently deleted programs, IP address, MAC address, name of the access point, the presence of root or jailbreak. This amount of information does not prompt any social network, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

According to the author of the publication, the service may request location data every 30 seconds. For a long time the information on the servers transmitted through the insecure HTTP Protocol, and could easily be intercepted. In addition, almost any time from the servers TikTok, you can initiate the request, which will be played on the target device.

Enthusiast also noted that if the user starts to track the number of requests made by the service, their frequency rapidly decreases, and the app “presents” that have never been interested in GPS or a clipboard holder.

Representatives TikTok publication of the redditor has not yet commented.

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