Bombardment of Mars will have a positive effect, the expert described the reasons for such ideas Mask

Бомбардировка Марса даст положительный эффект, – эксперт назвал причины такой идеи Маска

Inventor and businessman Elon Musk came up with the idea of a thermonuclear strike on Mars. Musk believes the entire life settlement and development by people of Mars – now a cold planet located between Earth and Jupiter.

Elon Musk is not crazy, his statements have some merit, says a political commentator and the author of the blog “Bethany world” Ivan Yakovina.

Why Musk wants to blow up Mars?

“It is expected that after the atomic bombing, the atmospheric density will be approximately the same as in the mountains on the earth’s highlands. It will make it possible to go outside without a space suit, in normal clothes, without fear that it’ll tear you to pieces,” said Yakovina.

The expert assured that this will also solve the problem with the temperature, because Mars is very cold.

When the atmosphere of Mars becomes dense, there will immediately be warmer for a few tens of degrees, and changes in temperature will not be so huge. In addition, scientists hope that Mars, as on Earth, carbon dioxide will cause the greenhouse effect and the atmosphere will begin to accumulate heat,
– answered Yakovina.

He added that, in other words, they hope to start global warming on Mars.

Bombardment of Mars will give two positive side-effect

“The first – people will lose a large part of its atomic weapons. Thus, Earth will become a little safer,” said Yakovina.

According to the columnist, the second plus is huge, just epic spectacle.

Just imagine how Grand it will look massive thermonuclear bombardment of a neighboring planet. With this, I think, nothing compares. This is the most vivid manifestation of human genius and its ability to change the universe for themselves,
said Yakovina.

Watch the video of the full release of the blog “Mad world” Ivan Iacovino on August 20, 2019:

Note that the Elon Musk explained his idea like this: the explosions of thermonuclear bombs over the poles of the planet can form a “miniature Sun”. Lights in turn should melt the glaciers at the poles and evaporation may form carbon dioxide, which will create a greenhouse effect.

What is known about Mars?
It is the fourth planet in the Solar system, which is also called the “red planet” because of the color of the surface. It is a terrestrial planet with a tenuous atmosphere. Mars has meteor craters, like the moon and volcanoes, valleys and deserts, as on Earth. In addition, the period of rotation of Mars and seasonal cycles are also similar to earth.

However, due to the significant distance from the Sun Mars gets is 57% less energy than the Earth. The annual average temperature of minus 60 degrees. So in theory, if people are going to Mars, you will get a very large dose of radiation that will eventually lead to serious health problems and even death.

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