Bon appetit: the principles of food combining

Приятного аппетита: принципы раздельного питания

Since the beginning of the last century, it became fashionable to eat separately. The diet gained popularity after it was invented by a naturopath Herbert Sheldon. And since it does not lose its positions.

In this article we will explain what separation of power and what are its basic principles.

What is separation of power

Separation of power was invented in 1928. Since that time many famous scientists and doctors managed to criticize the system, while others have found real benefits in this diet. They noticed that the separation of power helps to improve the digestive tract, overall health, reduce weight, get rid of some diseases.

The main purpose of separation of power is to help the body to tune into each piece of food. Proponents of this type of diet believe that when injected into the stomach of elements of different origin work in their digestion becomes much more difficult. In other words, there are products that are combined and can be eaten in one meal, and there are incompatible.

This is because for processing different types of foods need different conditions. When the body is one, enzymes that cleave them, are working effectively to facilitate the digestion and assimilation of nutrients. But when the mixed food is the activity of enzymes is reduced, and it promises disorders of digestion. Raw remnants of food rot, fermentation begins, they are deposited in the form of fats and toxins.

The principles of food combining

All food is divided into three groups: foods, consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and neutral foods. The first two are clearly incompatible with each other. This is because to digest proteins need acid digestion and for carbohydrates – alkaline. In combination with each other two environments begin to neutralize each other’s action, so the food gets to the intestine undigested. As a result, excess weight, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

But neutral foods – vegetables, berries, herbs and fruits can be combined with the first and with the second group. Also, we have the following types of food:

  • Two different concentrated protein, such as eggs meat;
  • Carbohydrate foods that are acidic, for example, bread and oranges;
  • Protein foods with fats (butter and eggs);
  • Protein foods and acidic fruits (tomato with meat);
  • Sugar with starchy foods (jam and bread);
  • Two starch-containing product (bread with potatoes);
  • Watermelon, blueberries or melons with any other foods;
  • Milk with any other foods.

For convenience, you can determine the compatibility of the products with the help of the table. This will facilitate the preparation of the menu for a separate power supply. In it, a green sign indicated a well-compatible products, yellow is acceptable, but undesirable, and red – are completely incompatible.

In addition, on the separate power, there are a number of limitations. It is desirable to eliminate (if it is impossible to limit) the consumption of canned food, pickles, margarine, tea, coffee, soft drinks and cocoa, mayonnaise and fatty sauces, smoked meats, sausages, refined sugar and sugar-containing products of refined oil.

The rules of a separate food

There are also some General rules for a separate power supply. If you want to achieve a positive result, it is best to abide by them.

First, the time between meals must be at least 2-3 hours.

Secondly, there is need only in case when you experience physical hunger.

Thirdly, food is better not to drink any water or other beverages.

Fourth, drink 10-15 minutes before meals. Between the last drink and meal should take no less than 10-15 minutes.

Fifth, do not overeat. The stomach should not be full to capacity.

Sixth, eat slowly, thoroughly moistening the food with saliva, chewing food.

Seventh, the Dishes are best steamed, boiled, stewed or baked. Fried foods in the diet should not be. The crude products should be a comfortable temperature.

Finally, you can drink only after 2 hours after the starchy food and 4 hours after protein products.

Приятного аппетита: принципы раздельного питания

Приятного аппетита: принципы раздельного питания

Приятного аппетита: принципы раздельного питания

Приятного аппетита: принципы раздельного питания

Приятного аппетита: принципы раздельного питания