BONDS asks the government 7 billion aid

УЗ просит у правительства 7 млрд грн помощи

“Uz” appealed to the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers on state support of railway transportation, the press service of the company with reference to the Director for economy and Finance Andrey Ryazantsev.

He noted that in the appeal it is about 7.1 billion UAH of appropriate assignments from the state budget. Budget funds should be allocated in accordance with articles 9 and 10 of the law of Ukraine “On railway transport”.

“For the amount of 7 billion we would be able to purchase more than 60 passenger locomotives, 250 passenger cars, or 15 new 10-car trains,” said Ryazantsev.

According to him, physical and moral ageing of the infrastructure and rolling stock is due to the fact that public services of passenger transport, the company provides a tariff below the economically justified level. Cross-subsidization of passenger transportation by cargo to which society is forced to resort to adversely affect the financial condition of the railway industry as a whole. Missing payments to Railways not kompensiruet.