BONEWORKS did not affect Half-Life: Alyx, says Valve

BONEWORKS не повлияла на Half-Life: Alyx, уверяет Valve

Soon after the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx was born to the bike, like Valve quickly remaking the game because of the release of the BONEWORKS, saying that she looks so cooler Alyxthat Valve with shame canceled the show at The Game Awards 2019. As often happens, the bike turned out to be fiction: programmer and designer Alyx Robin Walker (Robin Walker) said in an interview with VG24/7.

“[The rumors are] associated with BONEWORKS, strange. All believe that here lies some history. This confuses me, I don’t know where it came from. We showed [Alyx] many people over the years that worked on the game. So, well, among them certainly were the creators of the BONEWORKS, and developers of other projects, like Tilt Brush, says Walker.

According to Walker, heaviest Valve inspired not BONEWORKS, and Budget Cuts – it gave developers to understand that the movement of the teleports will not be so destructive element, as it may seem.

I guess we thought so for the same reasons that the lack of elbows seems destructive, when you look at another person. When you observe another person teleports, they seem unpleasant, and you believe that they are playing too unpleasant. But Budget Cuts have shown us that it is not so.

As found by Valve, the players quickly get used to the teleports and lack of elbows. Any basic mechanics is the period when the user focuses on how to implement it is a natural process of learning.

But over time, the player begins to use automatically, like on the level of muscle memory. And instead focus on action, the player concentrates on what he does this action, explains Walker. “When you play a shooter, you don’t think about how to press WASD, you’re already used to these buttons in other games. You only think about where you want to go”.

Teleporters affect the structure of Alyx, but in a good way: Valve tried to saturate the world with details that the player had a reason to stop and look around after almost every jump. This reason serves any fresh information: potential hazard, select the resource, just an interesting piece of location – they all occupy the thoughts of the gamer.

Users notice the mechanics of movement as a time when the reasons to stop and look around no, no, nowhere to go so it rushes to the walk way. “When we reached the high saturation [game world], playtester completely stopped talking about the teleporters and it seems much more immersed in the world” – says Walker.