Bookmakers named the new favorite of “Eurovision-2019”

Букмекеры назвали нового фаворита конкурса «Евровидение-2019»

At the contest “Eurovision-2019” changed favorite. At least in the eyes of the bookmakers. The new leader, from the point of view of experts, is the representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence. According to their calculations, his chances of winning are as much as 20%.

This is evidenced by the profile of the website report “Letter”.

First bet for the upcoming “Eurovision-2019” was released on January 17. Even then, the bookmakers have made in the first place then still unnamed representative of Russia. Prior to the presentation of the song, the country was ranked first in the rating, ahead of competitors.

Completing the top five contenders performers from Switzerland and Italy, which received 6% and 4%, respectively.

Singer from the Netherlands shifted artist from Russia from the first place after the country decided on by the representatives and presented the song.

Russian Sergey Lazarev, was believed to be the most likely candidate to win, now the second, it – 13 percent.

Closes the three Swede John Lundvik.


Букмекеры назвали нового фаворита конкурса «Евровидение-2019»