Booster SpaceX Super Heavy Rocket are waiting for an incredible change: details

Ракету-носитель SpaceX Super Heavy Rocket ждут невероятные изменения: детали

The head of SpaceX spoke about the upcoming modernization of missiles, Super Heavy Rocket, which is designed to launch interplanetary mission spacecraft Starship. According to the famous engineer, accelerator in practice will be much more powerful than previously thought.

What changes will the booster? According to initial calculations, the complex Super Heavy, had to get 31 engine Raptor, according to

In the near future, according to Elon Musk, their number will increase to 35. 6 accelerators installed on the Starship itself.

For what it’s doing? SpaceX hopes that a bunch of Heavy Rocket and Starship will allow you to perform in almost any space of tasks: from delivering people to Mars until the orbit of satellites, astronauts, and systems for collecting space debris.


Testing of the launch vehicle. The company was ready to move to a new testing phase, but its plans were prevented by the incident, which occurred last week.

We will remind, the rocket Starhopper during the trial run because of a fuel leak for a few seconds turned into a fireball. Although the design was not seriously injured, further testing was postponed.

When scheduled the launch? The beginning of the commercial Starship flight is scheduled for 2021, and to send the first space tourist in a flight around the moon SpaceX expects in 2023.

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