Boris Johnson has described as absurd and shameful the demolition of historical monuments in the UK

Борис Джонсон назвал абсурдным и позорным снос исторических памятников в Великобритании

In anticipation of new protests against racism, the British authorities established the protective covering around the statue of Churchill. The British Prime Minister said that the protests were brought under control by extremists.

In London from fear of the aggressive actions of participants in anti-racist protests on Friday, June 12, sheathed shields the monument to legendary Prime Minister Winston Churchill before the British Parliament. Earlier, demonstrators had painted his name on the pedestal wrote “was racist.” On the eve of new demonstrations, the protective covering was also installed around the monument to the fallen in the First world war soldiers – on the government of the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called “absurd and shameful” attacks on historic monuments, calling not subjected to editing and censorship of the country’s past.

Erected by bygone generations monuments remind about the past and all the mistakes and “carry them – it means to lie about our history and make more scarce, the process of education of future generations”, said the head of the British Parliament.

Johnson recalled the contribution of Churchill to saving Britain and Europe from “the tyranny of fascism and racism.” Policies sometimes expressed ideas that are not valid in modern society, but he “was a hero and fully deserves a monument,” said Johnson.

“Protests brought under control by extremists”

On his Twitter page, the head of the British government spoke out about the riots during the protests against racism in Britain, noting that “unfortunately, they took control of the extremists aimed at violence.” “Attacks on police and indiscriminate acts of violence, witnesses to which we have become over the last week, unacceptable and disgusting,” wrote Johnson. He accused the organizers of the riots in discrediting the idea of the protests and promised to hold them accountable.

Mass protests in Britain against racial discrimination and police brutality took place after the death of Minnesota African American George Floyd at the end of may. They were accompanied by clashes with police and acts of vandalism. In Bristol the demonstrators demolished the pedestal of the monument to Brigadier General in the Confederate army during the civil war in the United States Edward Colston and dropped him in the river. The city authorities have already got a monument out of the water and intend to put it in the Museum. In London, protesters have dismantled a statue of a Scottish merchant and slave owner Robert Milligan.

Борис Джонсон назвал абсурдным и позорным снос исторических памятников в Великобритании

Борис Джонсон назвал абсурдным и позорным снос исторических памятников в Великобритании

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