Borodyansky explained important nuance of the law on disinformation

Бородянский разъяснил важный нюанс закона о дезинформации

The head of the Ministry of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky said that the draft law on misinformation will not apply to value judgments, even critical.

He said this on air of transfer of “political club with Vitaly Portnikov” on Еспресо.TV.

“The law explicitly says that it does not apply to value judgments. That is, if the Mr Portnikov (senior program – version) gave the facts and said, “I have these facts so interpreted,” it’s okay, it does not apply to this story. But if Mr. Portnikov invented facts, and these facts are misinformation, comes responsibility,” said Borodyansky.

He explained that such disinformation and the example of journalists who investigate.

“If an investigative journalist says that there are facts… and then he makes a value judgment: “I think it’s something, and then… this is misinformation. But if there are no facts, and the facts are invented, then it’s misinformation, if it is a public threat,” said the Minister.

He stressed that to make a decision, establish whether the misinformation of the media, the national security court.

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