Bortnik: Lyashko could catch hold second round of presidential elections

Бортник: Ляшко вполне может зацепиться за второй тур президентских выборов

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik said that the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko has all chances to go in the second round of the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. Writes referring to

According to the expert, for Oleg Lyashko will vote mostly residents of Central and Western Ukraine. Their support may be sufficient for the leader of the Radical party in the second round of presidential elections. However, Oleh Lyashko wants to become a guarantor. Today, its main goal is the mobilization of the electorate, who will hold the radicals in Parliament. And Oleg Lyashko always gets his way, after all, manage to set benchmarks in creating their own programs. He speaks with voters in the same language. In addition, Oleg Lyashko came up with our own thing. The leader of the Radical party promises to Ukrainians during his presidency to introduce the death penalty for corrupt officials. And, strangely enough, believe him.

In turn, the political scientist Denis Bogush recalled the Ukrainian citizens on the results of Oleh Lyashko in the presidential elections in 2014. The main radical of the country managed to take third place. Therefore it can not be underestimated.