Bortnik: Statements Zelensky are preparation to work in different directions

Бортник: Заявления Зеленского являются подготовкой к работе в разных направлениях

Statements of the elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, his advisers and team members is a kind of preparation of the negotiation position in different directions. This was stated by the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik live on adrenaline talk show “Confrontation” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“All the statements that now sound from Zelensky and members of his team, so his preparation of the negotiation position in different directions, and future partners within the political system, and with external players, and lenders, and with the Western world. This is a preliminary data processing and formation of a position,” – said Bortnik.

The analyst stressed that Zelensky is not observed inflexibility, which means that it can change the point of view, based on the situation.

“I think his statements do not see any contradictions. This is a very modern position, which demonstrates that the leader is willing to take full responsibility, but this position is not rigid and some tunneling point of view, it is completely flexible,” he explained.

Bortnik added that the President-elect intends to negotiate with Putin, in contrast to Poroshenko, and this will play right into his hands.

“Zelensky has declared that he is ready for talks with Putin, no matter what format. And this is already a significant difference from Poroshenko, whom nobody wanted to meet, he was deprived of the opportunity of diplomacy, at least with regard to the West. Zelensky also now design team in the country, and he needs to deal with those groups that gathered around him and trying to pull in different directions, trying to manipulate Zelensky”, – concluded the analyst.