Borys Kolesnikov disgraced at a meeting with voters: “shove it, stuffed vegetable”

Борис Колесников оскандалился на встрече с избирателями: "Себе засунь его, чучело огородное"

Known Ukrainian politician Borys Kolesnikov goes on elections to Rada

Recently, the network blew “the interview” candidate Kolesnikova with voters. So in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region Borys Kolesnikov has recently had a meeting with voters. In the network leaked where known candidate, to put it mildly, does not choose expressions in the dialogue with one of the residents. A verbal altercation broke out between a man and a candidate all of a sudden, what is said a resident of Konstantinovka Kolesnikov initially unknown, but candidate started to answer:

“…You look at yourself, look at yourself from the side! Parasite, the mug in the photo is not better… sit and teach me” – launched into a rude Kolesnikov.

Probably, the man asked the candidate to deal with the problem of cutting down trees in his home, or village, or district, Boris Kolesnikov did not stop:

“… I’ll go now, yeah, you’re hewing trees. “And do we have it and we have this…”,” – began to wriggle candidate.

A tirade policy potential voter a moderate tone just said that “Why are You talking to me in that tone”.

Kolesnikov insisted.

“…And how can I talk to you?! Yes, because you are a boor, arrogant boor! And you want to vote for someone!”, the candidate said.

After Kolesnikov compared to repair it, as a candidate, elevators in the area to the public and anyone else likely of the candidates on the district. After the altercation, resident Konstantinovka and policy Kolesnikov, first approached the candidate and tried to return him to the “traditional package”, which many candidates, rasautou came to the meeting with potential voters. Kolesnikov on the gesture reacted in an extremely rude manner:

“Shove it up your you know where… a Stuffed vegetable!”

We will remind, Boris Kolesnikov goes on elections to the Verkhovna Rada on a mazhoritarka from the “Opposition bloc” is 49 congressional district, which includes Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka and intercession and Konstantinovsky districts of Donetsk region.