Boston Dynamics has started to sell robot Spot for everyone for $74 500

Boston Dynamics начала продавать робота Spot всем желающим за $74 500

The company Boston Dynamics, creating impressive and similar to living creatures robots finally beginning to freely sell the four-legged robot Spot. After several years of development, the company last year began to take the device to rent to companies, and today any American company can get a Spot for $74 500.

It’s a high price equal to the cost of the Tesla Model S. But Boston Dynamics says that in return the customer receives the most advanced mobile robot in the world, able to move almost anywhere a man can (if we are not talking about ladders or rope ladders).

Although the robot is interesting, Spot basically now is able to produce surveillance and data collection. During testing, the Spot created 3D maps of construction sites and identify malfunction of machinery on offshore oil rigs. Less routine tests include assisting hospitals in triaging patients with COVID-19 and work with the police to search for bombs. Boston Dynamics insists that Spot is a multi-purpose mobile platform that can be configured by using various sensors and program them to conduct patrols and inspections.

The company mainly sells the robot to industrial and commercial customers who are interested in the delivery of sensors into dangerous places instead of people. Or for routine operations like shooting factory 40 times a day. The company promises to continue upgrading the Spot based on customer feedback, but the robot is ready to sales. This is partly due to the recent software update, written by the engineers of Boston Dynamics. Spot 2.0, as the update is called, includes advanced functionality and autonomy of navigation.

One of them is the remote control. This will allow, for example, potential customers to try the Spot at the headquarters of the company at the testing stage, remotely, without visiting Boston Dynamics. Some customers buy the robot without hesitation. And others want to try out the unit before purchase: remote control will allow you to do it.

Boston Dynamics said that this year will be available to the robotic arm head that will open a number of new application possibilities. Then the Spot will be able to manipulate their surroundings, collect items, open doors, turn valves and pressing the switches.

Although the Spot is quite famous robot, while it is still a very limited product. To date the company has rented about 150 such units, and the epidemic COVID-19 will not be able to implement plans to manufacture 1,000 units Spot this year (this psychological threshold, the company is going to overcome in the first quarter of 2021). Customers are also still limited to purchasing two robots at the same time: larger orders will have to discuss further with Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics начала продавать робота Spot всем желающим за $74 500

Boston Dynamics начала продавать робота Spot всем желающим за $74 500