Boston Dynamics showed off a new skill robot Atlas: exciting video – Techno 24

Boston Dynamics продемонструвала нові вміння робота Atlas: захоплююче відео - Техно 24

The company Boston Dynamics is known for his funny two-legged and four-legged robots. The Americans held a new presentation of the humanoid robot Atlas, where the neural network has demonstrated its ability to “parkour”.

It is reported Ferra.

In the video, the robot quickly runs up on the road jumping over a log, and then runs into obstacles, which are located at different heights and separated from each other. The step height of the obstacles is 40 inches.

According to the developers, the software that controls the robot uses all of the body including legs, arms and torso for power distribution and power for jumping over the log and up the stairs, without slowing the pace. In addition, Atlas uses digital video to determine its location in space and a neat move, from the visible markers.

Demonstration of skills Atlas work – see the video


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