“Botox cabbage rolls”: the Husband Borodina enthusiastically “drove” to Sergey Pynzar – network

«Ботоксные голубцы»: Муж Бородиной восторженно «подкатил» к Сергею Пынзарь - сеть

While Sergei admires the blue pool mother nature, lobsters publicly talks about the strong and attractive torso Pynzar.

Ksenia Borodina and Daria Pynzar, remained friends since the TV show “Dom-2”, constantly missing work. Xenia is leading several projects on TNT and Director of his own clothing store, in turn, Daria is also opened his own shop and Spa, and her trip takes many hours flight between Moscow and Turkey. All their free time they spend with children.

Their “loyal housewife”, according to “Botox girlfriends”, whose opinion and based users, doing absolutely nothing. From the constant idleness and lack under the hand of the woman men are good friends, spending not a lot, but “quality” time together.

An unexpected turn in the friendship between “athletes” became obvious tackle from Kurban Omarov, husband Ksenia Borodina. Apparently feeling real intimacy, he could not restrain his feelings, according to followers of Sergei. Moreover, according to “witnesses live” among, seemingly, brutal, courageous, unemotional men, who rather declare homophobia, not just slipped spark.

But Daria and Ksenia was not only the fault that brought men to the rank of “stuffed cabbage”, although they are only partly responsible for that. Seeing how prettier their wives under the blades of plastic surgeons, men themselves were not averse to try. Although “hard” Kurban and renounces any such charges to its subscribers for a long time “burned” all the possible braces, and the face of Sergei Pynzar, a few years ago, similar to the pug, it was just over tightened and wrinkle-free.

«Ботоксные голубцы»: Муж Бородиной восторженно «подкатил» к Сергею Пынзарь - сеть

«Ботоксные голубцы»: Муж Бородиной восторженно «подкатил» к Сергею Пынзарь - сеть