Bottle and important meeting: of the death of the MP Davydenko were part

Бутылка и важная встреча: в гибели нардепа Давиденко появились детали

The police considers three versions of the death of the people’s Deputy Valeriy Davydenko in Kiev may 23: a murder staged as suicides, suicide and abetment of suicide.

This was reported sources “Apostrophes” in law enforcement.

“The main version of the police today is incitement to suicide. This is indicated by many details, especially these videos, which were constantly in the office of MP. You can see how he walks around the office, walks into the bathroom and there no more comes out. Next, there is a cleaning lady who called law enforcement authorities”, – said the interlocutor of “Apostrophes”.

In the environment of the MP does not believe in suicide. According to friends Davydenko, the man could not for emotional reasons, to go and shoot.

“He’s a fighter, accustomed all his life to overcome the difficulties, he did not give up to business or political issues and certainly not going to kill myself for this reason. He has a wonderful family, smart and beautiful wife with whom they had a great relationship, and two beloved daughters – beauties. He is a proud father and husband, a successful businessman and politician, suicide is definitely not about him,” said the man, who personally knew the deceased.

Also, the source in law enforcement bodies has informed that the day before his death at the Deputy had some important meeting, after which he shut off the phone and remained without communication.

“Actually, the phone in this situation can clear up many of the details, but it has not yet discovered. There’s an empty bottle of alcoholic drink, but to talk about who and when she drank, and whether the MP in a state of alcoholic intoxication at the time of death even earlier”, – said the interlocutor of “Apostrophes”.

Law enforcement officers believe that the MP were difficult negotiations, during which he could threaten. It is not excluded that threatened his family that could persuade him to suicide.