Boxer in Kiev broke Teens who pelted his car with snow: video

Боксер в Киеве побил подростков, которые забросали его автомобиль снегом: видео

In Kiev, the driver got into a fight with Teens who pelted his car with snow. It later turned out that the man is a professional boxer and world champion in kickboxing.

Posted in community”, Kiev operative”. The incident took place on 6 February. However, it shows only the end of the fight where a man struck one of the teenagers and knocked to the ground.. while his friends filmed it on phone. At that moment throwing snow on the vehicle.

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Kiev Operational Sereda, 6 fierce 2019 R.

It later turned out that the driver of the car – Wladimir Sidorenko, Ukrainian boxer, world Boxing champion among professionals on the version of the UBA and the world champion in kickboxing.

“Yes, it was me. I would not say that snowball (left – ed.). Closed front, how can it be snow? I think they specifically it was off… thought I would go… If I went to the car, I’d had an accident,” – said Sidorenko in comments Gromadsky.

However, he added that the first fight began it teenagers.

“There is video where he hit me so I’m a little confused. This is just the ending video, where I stood up and began to fight him,” said Sidorenko.

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