Boyko: government shamelessly lied to the people about the reduction of tariffs for heating

Бойко: Кабмин бессовестно обманул людей о снижении тарифов на отопление

The government has deceived the country, stating that the tariffs for heating is reduced.

This was stated by co-Chairman of the faction “the Opposition platform For life,” Yuriy Boyko.

“The Cabinet shamelessly deceives people by telling about the fulfillment of his promises. Recently the Prime Minister was told that the price of heating has fallen from 5% to 35% depending on the region, and it will be displayed in the payment for January. We see in fact a completely different picture. Thus, according to the state statistics service, Ukraine’s average tariff for natural gas for the population increased by 10.7%, and the rate of heat decreased by only 2.5% (Jan 2020 compared to December 2019). And that’s a reason to once again raise the question about resignation of the government”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

According to him, the Cabinet deliberately reduces the financing system of housing subsidies and the number of families receiving them. In December 2019 subsidy received 3,284 million households, 16% or 632 thousand less compared to the same month in 2018

“The government explains such trends increase the welfare of citizens. I want to answer the following: how have people’s wealth increased, they know themselves, going to the grocery store, the post office for a pension and taking out a mailbox bills. If, in fact, improved payment discipline, the debt of the population in the communal declined or at least did not grow. In fact in December 2019 Ukrainians debts for consumed utility services and electricity grew by 2.6 billion UAH. for heating and 1.5 billion UAH. for gas – by 1.7 billion UAH. Since the beginning of the heating season (October 2019) debt grew by almost 25%, or 12.7 billion UAH.” – said co-Chairman of the faction “the Opposition platform – For life.”

“Maintaining unreasonably high prices for electricity and reducing the financing system of housing subsidies, the government leads the sector of housing and communal services to collapse, shifting greater financial scope for the maintenance of this sector in working condition to local authorities. This needs to stop. You must restore the previous rules of granting subsidies and the increase in their financing, as well as a full review of the practice of tariff. And you want to transfer the management of the economy and the housing sector in the hands of professionals who understand what and why you need to do”, – summed up Yuriy Boyko.