Boyko promises the development of mass sports after winning the election

Бойко обещает развитие массового спорта после победы на выборах

After winning the election, “the Opposition platform? For life” is to develop mass sports, because it is the health of our children, the health of the people. This was during the all-Ukrainian veterans ‘ of Amateur ice hockey tournament 50+, which launched today in the White Church, said people’s Deputy of Ukraine, the founder of “the Opposition platform For life”, MP Yuriy Boiko, the opening tournament of the symbolic throwing of the puck.

The MP is convinced that the development of sport in Ukraine must be one of the priorities of the government and, on this occasion, remembered how he used to skate.

“9 years have not been on the ice since got injured and was forced in 2010 to stop playing. But 9 years today as much heart ache… I Saw people, saw children, saw how nice it can be… the Palace of sports is very good! It was opened in 2013, is one of the best sports facilities in Ukraine, the most comfortable here and easy to drive, the ice sports complex is not hard, soft”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

Opposition politician explained that support for grassroots sport is very important, because it is the health of citizens, our children. “When parents like today, set an example to their children, children also want to play sports. And you see how many people came to see the match,” he said.

In addition, the MP noted the need for state support of professional sports, because it represents the image of the country. Yuriy Boyko considers a shameful situation when for the last 5 years were eliminated 300 children and youth sports schools.

“We must change, open new children’s and youth sport schools and give people the opportunity to engage in those sports that interest them. Today the health of our children is important, why must begin a new power. Once we change the government, have children to avoid the streets wandered, and went to the sports section and develop” – summed up the founder of “the Opposition platform – For life.”