Boyko ran away from Milevsky at training camp: the cause of the conflict (video)

During a recent sparring Kiev “Dynamo” Brest “Dynamo” Artem Milevsky was forced from the bench of Kyiv goalkeeper Denys Boyko.

While Milevsky and greet with players, coaches and employees of the Kiev club, quickly stepped aside.

It turned out the reason that a couple of years ago Milevsky in social networks called smartly “the rat” because of playing cards. The goalkeeper later case, also remembered:

Was this the incident with the cards, but it closed a long time ago. After that, if someone thinks I’m a rat – no questions. But we played and then the cards, had no problems. Yes, there is the story with the Joker was, I wanted to cheat, played for money. Milevsky was not there. I won’t say who was there. We understood, we understood each other, I apologized, no one, I have never had a claim. I have nothing personal with Milevskiy no. I too could stoop to his level, tell who he is, what he does, but I’m not interested in talking about Artem Milevskyi.

As Denys Boiko was running from Artem Milevskyy: watch the video