Boyko told about their children and education reform

Бойко рассказал о своих детях и образовательной реформе

The founder of “the Opposition platform For life,” Yuriy Boyko said that his children have studied or are studying in Ukrainian schools and higher educational institutions. About this politician told the TV talk show “the Epicenter of the Ukrainian company” on TV channel NEWSONE.

“All my children studied in Ukraine. Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is the University. Shevchenko is the “slang”. Junior in school. It’s just school, no “bells and whistles”,” – said Boyko.

However, he criticized the educational reform, which was held in Ukraine.

“What they’ve done with the so-called reform and the “new” school. In my understanding, the school that they are doing this is the worst school Western model for mentally retarded children. They reduced base training. In a normal private school, not enough teachers due to the fact that they are not underpaid,” he summed up.

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