Brakcet scares automakers

Брексит пугает автопроизводителей

Extended, pending agreement on brexia a matter of serious concern to the European automobile manufacturers ‘ Association. Business representatives are calling a possible British exit from the European Union without a separate contract “worst case scenario”. Manufacturers urge negotiators to do everything possible to prevent such a gap. Statement of the Association appeared on the day of the EU summit in Brussels, one of the main themes of which were new proposals for the terms of brexia.

Automakers believe that the most rigid form of break with the UK because 10 percent of customs duties will increase the costs by nearly 6 billion euros a year. This will also affect the consumers, particularly in Europe, where the prices of British cars will rise an average of 3 thousand euros.

Brakcet threatened and transnational business. So the European BMW and Airbus has already declared that is ready to withdraw its production from the UK in the case of the so-called “hard” out of the EU.

The problems the automakers are connected with other factors. One of them is the development of legislation on the protection of the environment. Experts believe that the prospect of new restrictions on emissions have a negative impact on car sales in the EU. Bloomberg drew attention to the fact that the number of registered new cars in the European countries declined sharply in September, after he enacted a new, stricter rules for checking the purity of the exhaust.

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