Brand Harley-Davidson released a motorcycle for kids (PHOTOS)

Бренд Harley-Davidson выпустит мотоциклы для детей (ФОТО)

American brand Harley-Davidson has announced the release of special versions of electric bikes IRONe designed for children.

According to representatives of the company, running bikes will release the index 12 and 16. They will produce in the amount of 550 units.

The motorcycle was created for children aged three to seven years. These versions have the weight to 75 pounds. Company representatives say that they will help future motorcyclists to learn the coordination of movements of hands. Even young fans of motor vehicles to learn the proper pushing, balancing, acceleration and stop t/s.

According to us manufacturers, such models will help to instill a love of motorcycle technology since childhood.

Bike the initial version received the motor, enables accelerate to 8 km/h. The weight modification is 7.7 pounds. Seat height of the motorcycle up to 330 mm. More “charged” version with the height of the saddle to 431 mm is able to accelerate up to 17 km/h.

The United States has embarked on such equipment. IRONe cost is $ 699. Model IRONe16 is 749 dollars.

Many netizens became interested in these new products from Harley-Davidson. In their view, these running bikes would be a great gift for the younger generation.

In turn, experts note that in the case of using this type of technology, it is necessary to control parents. In this case it is better to take proper protection, helmets, gloves, pads, etc.