Brand Mitsubishi upgrades the Outlander and ASX, a date has been set

Бренд Mitsubishi обновляет Outlander и ASX, определена дата

Now the main focus of sales of the brand falls on the Outlander and ASX, which has been updated. Brand shared his plans for the lineup, putting when and what market there will be changes.

The American market seems the updated Outlander and ASX, with the latter known to us as the Outlander Sport. Radical innovations expect from a fresh look at the model just not worth it, if we are talking about design.

Mitsubishi Outlander for Europe and Japan appear only in 2021. Will start selling in the second quarter. The car will outlive the lion’s share of changes, including get more productive stuffing. It is expected the emergence of a powerful engine in the lineup that will not hit the dirt on CO2 emissions.

Even the Arsenal of the brand are Eclipse Cross. Sales of the updated modifications will start next year. We are talking about the generation 2022 model year, which received a modified front, refreshed interior and high-tech complex media. Recently, this crossover with the name of the legendary coupe has got two additional versions: Outdoor and Sport. These modifications are intended for Latin American market, although the technical nuances of virtually no.

By the end of 2021 in the open sales seem hybrid Outlander PHEV 2021. Dealers will receive his full civil and not just a commercial version. For example, such vehicles were already in England in limited edition. Their advantage was the capacity and minimum CO2 emissions.