Branson prayed for trump

Брансон помолился за Трампа

Released from a Turkish prison American pastor Andrew Branson on Saturday, he returned to the USA where he was received by President trump. At a meeting in the oval office of the White house, the priest prayed for the President, but Donald trump said the United States and Turkey can build a “magnificent” relationship after the release of the pastor and several times emphasized that he is grateful for the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Donald trump, the President of the United States: “For Turkey it is also a difficult situation, they now have a lot of difficulties, and I want to thank President Erdogan for what he did”.

On Saturday in his Twitter President of the US wrote: “No agreement with Turkey about the liberation and the return of pastor Andrew Branson was not. I don’t make deals in exchange for the release of hostages. The United States is, however, highly appreciate this, and this will lead to good, perhaps even excellent relations between the U.S. and Turkey.”

The administration of the trump repeatedly demanded from the Turkish authorities to release a priest and to allow him to return home. Brunson, who lived in the Turkish city of Izmir, was arrested in November 2016 on charges of having links with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party and the organization of fethullahists.

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