Breaking bad: Borodin made a salute after winning at casino

«Во все тяжкие»: Бородина устроила салют после победы в «казино»

Due to the lack of money in the family scandalous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina could make at home underground casinos. It is possible that he could play the envy of the revenue colleagues on the show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova, which never ceases to “poke” all around in their small, in comparison, salaries.

According to rumors, the business of her “unlucky” husband is not the best way, because of what Ksenia has to actively adapt to the situation and increase the “capital”, not just to feed the family, but simply to continue a life of luxury, not what does and daughters not to refuse.

Apparently after a barrage of insults live TNT in the direction of “mistress” Gufa Yana Shevtsova, had to procrastinate a family zone, argue members of the presenter.

One of the best ways to “quickly” increase your finances is not an investment, and lottery or casinos, where fortune smiles. True and friends can be lost, stripped them to the bone.

Since gambling is not legal in Russia, providing for punishment by article 171 of the criminal code, not counting a few designated gambling zones around the country, the only way to get him home and among friends. According to the law, this is also punishable by long arm of the law, but under the condition the room is in use regularly, that is two or more times, according to the remark 1 of paragraph 3 of article 171 of the criminal code. Direct the TV series “breaking bad” – assess what is happening fans of Xenia with irony.

And Borodin did not advertise this “holiday”, prudently removing process on video very carefully, but in the background someone let slip that the play “is real and ruthless.”

His victory TV House-2 was celebrated with a Grand salute. And no one was ever confused by the “hard” Moscow weather, wind which “pull faces in the smile of Giaconda”.

Does her husband know Borodina Kurban Omarov, what methods uses the “breadwinner” in the family, but on the “gatherings” he was not seen.

«Во все тяжкие»: Бородина устроила салют после победы в «казино»

«Во все тяжкие»: Бородина устроила салют после победы в «казино»

«Во все тяжкие»: Бородина устроила салют после победы в «казино»