Breaking news 24 Oct: powerkaraoke polygraph and recertification prosecutors

Главные новости 24 октября: проверкаАрахамии на полиграфе и переаттестация прокуроров

David Arakhamiya after Alexander by Dubinsky passed check on the lie detector. The GPU implemented the first phase of the re-certification of the prosecutors. The poll showed a decrease in the level of trust to Vladimir Zelensky. Alexandria played the match in the Europa League. These were the top stories on October 24.

Top news for Thursday, October 24, in Ukraine:

David Arakhamiya passed check on the lie detector

The leader of the parliamentary faction of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya passed a polygraph test. This step was a response to the test Alexander Dubinsky, which was held yesterday.

The results of the inspection, the examiner stated that the results of David Arakhamiya some more convincing than his more emotional colleagues.

Check Arakhamiya, the most interesting moments:

  • Arakhamia sure of corruption “public servants”:
    during the passage of checks on the lie detector Arakhamia replied in the affirmative to the question he suspects someone of my faction members to participate in the paid-ballot;
  • The most emotionally Arakhamia responded to the question about the “Opposition platform For life”: the polygraph showed that the leader of the “Servants of the people” the most emotionally reacted to a question about the “Opposition platform For life.” He Arakhamia said: he’s too emotionally applies to them, but at the time of issue presented as Viktor Medvedchuk gives him the money;
  • Arakhamiya like the polygraph test:
    after passing detector test David Arakhamiya said that all employees of public bodies senior managers should regularly undergo similar tests.

Check Arakhamiya polygraph: watch the video

Why Dubinsky and Arakhamia decided to pass a lie detector?

At the meeting of the Finance Committee of the Verkhovna Rada deputies from the faction “people’s Servant” refused to support the abolition of the corrupt schemes incorporated in the evaluation procedure of cost of housing. For this, the MPs could receive a bribe in 30 thousand dollars each.

Due to this scheme for registration of real estate transactions daily, the Ukrainians expelled about 1 million in unnecessary payments to firms-pads. Over the past are odious ex-MPs Anton Yatsenko (last Parliament was included into fraction “Revival”, affiliated with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky) and Vitaliy Khomutynnyk (the closest partner of the oligarchs Paul Fuchs and Kolomoisky).

For the destruction of the corruption schemes were only 5 members of the Finance Committee from “public Servants”. In this case, 11 “servants of the people” refused to vote for the destruction of the scheme:

  • Irina Allahverdiyev,
  • Olga Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk,
  • Daria Volodina,
  • Yulia Didenko,
  • Alexander Dubinsky,
  • Victoria Kinsburskaya,
  • Alexei Kovalev,
  • Anna Kolesnik,
  • Alexei Leonov,
  • Anastasia Lyashenko,
  • Eugene Petrunyak.

After the scandal broke, Dubinsky said he was willing to take a polygraph to know whether they had received money for voting. The MP also assured that it will take a polygraph and his colleagues on the Committee. Thus, according to Dubinsky, the lie detector should go and employees of the Office of the President, and deputies-authors of “controversial bills”.

The first stage of the review of the prosecutors

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine conducted the first stage of the re-certification of the prosecutors. At this stage, wishing to continue working in the Prosecutor’s office checked for knowledge of the law.

According to the preliminary results of the inspection of 1088 prosecutors in recertification, only 774 to pass on. Therefore screening of people who do not meet the posts is 29%.

The Chairman of a certifying Commission Alexander Semenov stressed that the questions were easy and related to basic themes. In order to qualify for the next stage of selection, you had to score 70 out of 100 points.

Briefly about recertification prosecutors

It is conducted in three stages:

  • knowledge of legislation;
  • test of General abilities;
  • the interview with the Board to confirm integrity.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka declared about the launch of the reform of the Prosecutor General’s office, once in force the bill No. 1032. It also approved the procedure of attestation by prosecutors.

The re-certification for positions in the attorney General’s Office did not allow more than 200 prosecutors, including the head of the Department of special investigation office of public Prosecutor Sergey Gorbatyuk.

Ryaboshapka was noted that recertification has accepted more than 96% of existing prosecutors. As for the tests, the attorney General noted that they are adequate, as verified by the Academy of the Prosecutor’s office. Moreover, some of them have already passed the officers of anti-corruption agencies.

The confidence rating is reduced Zelensky

A survey conducted by the group “Rating” showed that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky trust 66% of Ukrainians as of the end of October. This is 4% less than in the beginning of the month.

At the same time, the confidence rating was headed by the volunteers, and the public prosecution service and the courts have divided “gold” and “silver” of the list.

What institutions are trusted by Ukrainians:

  • volunteers trust – 69%,
  • the veterans of the ATO – 67%,
  • The President Of Ukraine – 66%,
  • army – 65%,
  • the Church – 56%,
  • public organizations – 48%,
  • urban / rural the heads – 47%,
  • The national guard – 46%,
  • the government – 45%,
  • The Verkhovna Rada – 44%,
  • local media – 43%,
  • national media – 42%,
  • SBU – 38%,
  • regional state administrations – 32%.

Главные новости 24 октября: проверкаАрахамии на полиграфе и переаттестация прокуроров

How many Ukrainians trusted different institutions / infographic 24 channel

Главные новости 24 октября: проверкаАрахамии на полиграфе и переаттестация прокуроров

How institutions trust the Ukrainians / infographic 24 channel

How institutions Ukrainians rather distrust than trust:

  • the police are not trusted by 49%, trust – 31%,
  • border service – 41% and 23%, respectively,
  • The state Bureau of investigation – 41% and 23%,
  • tax authorities – 50% and 20%,
  • customs authorities – 51% and 19%,
  • NABU – 49% and 17%,
  • The national Agency for prevention of corruption – 48% and 15%,
  • the prosecution of 62% and 14%,
  • courts, 66% and 15%.

Главные новости 24 октября: проверкаАрахамии на полиграфе и переаттестация прокуроров

How institutions Ukrainians trust the least / infographic 24 channel

The poll was conducted October 19-22, 2019 among the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older. The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement. The sample of 2500 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). Error of a representativeness of research: not more than 2.0%.

Match of “Alexandria” in the Europa League

Alexandria managed to score points for the second consecutive match in the Europa League. After a draw with “Gent” in Lviv Volodymyr Sharan’s charges shared the points in France, “Saint-Etienne”.

After two rounds of “Saint Etienne” and “Alexandria” were outsiders of the group I, as scored only one point. For both teams in this group, nothing is lost, so the game had basic tournament value.

Saint-Étienne – Alexandria 1:1
Goals: Silva 8 Silva, 14 (ed.)

Saint-étienne – Alexandria: video review of the first half

In parallel, the match still playing Dynamo.

“Alexandra” some navrati points in another popl match in Ls Vropy. After NCI s “Gent” in Lviv pidopichni Volodymyr Sharan Podoli points Franz iz “St ATEM”.

After two turf “St. Etin” TA “Alexandra” Boule outsiders a groupie I Oskolki scored only one ball. For oboh teams have tions group nichogo not traceno, vidtak Gras small principale torrne znachennya.

Saint Etin Alexandra 1:1
Goli: SLA, 8 – Slva, 14 (ed.)

Saint Etin Alexandra: vdoogle pershoho half

Parallel sviy match has gra civic Dynamo.