Breaking news Feb 8:a Memorandum of presidential candidates, the tragedy with the players in Brazil

Главные новости 8 февраля:меморандум кандидатов в президенты, трагедия с футболистами в Бразилии

Six presidential candidates have signed a Memorandum on fair elections. In Brazil, during a fire at the football database killed 10 young athletes. Russia has decided not to send its observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine. Poroshenko has approved the boundaries and the list of occupied towns in the Donbass. These were the top stories on 8 February in Ukraine and the world.

Memorandum of presidential candidates

Presidential candidates of Ukraine Andriy Sadovy, Yulia Tymoshenko, Anatoliy Hrytsenko, Oleksandr Shevchenko, Viktor Bondar and Vladimir Zelensky signed a Memorandum for fair elections and joint counteraction to fraud in the appeal of public organizations.

It contains a number of commitments from the candidates regarding retention of vote rigging.

We, the candidates for President of Ukraine, realizing that the Foundation of a democratic society are free and democratic elections, unite efforts to counter election fraud and the protection of a free and fair expression of will of Ukrainian citizens. Today the integrity and transparency of the elections is again in jeopardy. Numerous facts indicate that the government is preparing for a massive falsification of the election results. Such attempts to rig the elections to destroy our children’s future,
– the document says.

The Memorandum aims to protect the right of Ukrainians for a fair election and, as a consequence, to protect the democratic path of Ukraine’s development.

Главные новости 8 февраля:меморандум кандидатов в президенты, трагедия с футболистами в Бразилии

Memorandum “For honest elections” was signed by the presidential candidates

Also, on 8 February , the CEC registered the last two presidential candidates. Just participating in the presidential race will take 44 people. Among them, only 4 candidates are women.

The head of Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel said that in order to enter the Parliament or run for President as a woman and man should go some party school. Also have experience in local government, then such a person will be more prepared.

“Only the present Parliament began to work seriously on the reforms that bring Ukraine closer to Europe. In particular, with regard to the compliance with gender quotas. The increase in the percentage of women politicians automatically leads to a reduction of conflict. The more working Parliament questions pay less attention deputies-men: child protection, education, maternity. Gender balance – not just formal observance of the practices of the EU. This change of the quality policy”, – said Alexei Koshel.

In his opinion, women in politics have demonstrated their effectiveness and the participation in the presidential elections will take more women.

Главные новости 8 февраля:меморандум кандидатов в президенты, трагедия с футболистами в Бразилии

2019 presidential election: key dates

The tragedy with the players in Brazil

At night on February 8 at the training base of the Brazilian football club Flamengo has emerged a large-scale fire, which killed 10 people. They were young players who were 14-17 years old. Three others received severe burns.

The fire occurred in a dormitory at the training base of Flamengo in Nino de Urubu near Rio de Janeiro. On the basis of lived youth players and youth teams.

Главные новости 8 февраля:меморандум кандидатов в президенты, трагедия с футболистами в Бразилии

In Brazil, during a fire killed 10 young players

It is known that one of the affected athletes is in serious condition because got almost 40% body burns. A large number of victims due to the fact that the fire occurred in the morning (at 5:10 PM local time), when everyone was asleep.

Of the Russian Federation decided not to send observers to elections in Ukraine

Russia will not send observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine. The reason for this decision, the Russian foreign Ministry called “security concerns” for their members.

Ukraine’s decision of refusal in accreditation of citizens of the Russian Federation in the mission of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE, the Russians are “expected” and accused Kiev in the alleged breach of international obligations.

The representatives of the aggressor country also noted that the absence of their observers and the inability of the citizens of Ukraine vote in Russia allegedly questioned the transparency and objectivity of the presidential election.

In these conditions the Russian side, for reasons of security of our representatives in ODIHR observation mission decided to abstain from their referral to Ukraine
– said the foreign Ministry.

However, earlier it became known that on February 11 in Kiev plan to fly two Russian observer’s Kristina Bogdanova from the Institute of electoral diplomacy and Elizabeth Borisov of the Russian public Institute of electoral law for the election monitoring under the OSCE mandate.

The OSCE responded negatively about the decision of Ukraine not to let Russian representatives at the elections. They said that the observers of the ODIHR, including the Russians, are primarily the OSCE, and not of their own country and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

However, the position of Ukraine said the US special envoy Kurt Volker. He stressed that Russia is the aggressor, so the concern of Ukraine regarding security in the context of the participation of Russian observers at the presidential elections in Ukraine is very real.

We welcome the readiness of Ukraine to contribute to the work of the OSCE observation mission in the elections. We are confident for Ukraine’s commitment to transparency and free and fair elections. We must remember that Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine, and therefore Ukraine comments about safety are very real
– said Walker.

Why Ukraine will not accept the application of Russian observers?Through its observers, Russia will try to influence the Ukrainians during the elections. 9 January, foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin stated that Ukraine will not accept an application for the registration of Russian observers for the presidential elections that will be held in the spring. According to him, it is a necessary step, because we are talking about the representatives of the aggressor country.

The Ukrainian side has sent an official appeal to the Office of democratic institutions and human rights OSCE, which explained why the presidential election is not to prevent representatives of the Russian Federation.

In response to this, the Embassy of the Russian Federation stated that the decision allegedly contradicted international law and the official position of Kiev in the commitment to democratic values, including the organization and conduct of transparent elections.

On 7 February the Verkhovna Rada voted for a basis and in entirety for changes to the law on electoral observation, which forbids Russian observers to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

Poroshenko has approved the boundaries and the list of settlements in the Donbass

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko approved the list of settlements on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. It is approved in accordance with the law on reintegration of Donbass.

The document provides the coordinates for the boundaries of the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas identified the actual line of demarcation of the parties, and provides a list of the occupied settlements.

In the Donetsk region in the list included: Donetsk, Horlivka, debaltseve, Dokuchaevsk, Yenakiyeve, Zhdanivka, Makiyivka, Snizhne, Khartsyzk, Shakhtersk, Yasinovataya and others. Also to the temporarily occupied districts of Donetsk region entered Amvrosiyivka, Bakhmut, Boyky, Volnovakha, Mar, Forum, Starobeshevo, Mining and yasinovatskiy.

In the Luhansk region occupied by the identified cities: Luhansk, Alchevsk, Anthracite, Bryanka, Golubovka, Dovzhansk, Pervomaisk, Rovenky, Sorokino, Crystal and others. In the list of the temporarily occupied districts of the Luhansk region came in Antratsit, Dovzhansky, lutuginsky, Novoaydarsky, perevalsky, popasnaja, Slavyanoserbsky, Sorokin and Stanichno-Lugansk.

Yanukovych and his security

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is in Russia the state security, he was appointed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In addition, the speaker of Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said that he “entered the Federation as acting President and head of state of Ukraine”.

“Yanukovych, who moved in this quality as before is in the Russian Federation”, – said Peskov, adding that now Yanukovych is President of Ukraine, and he “has no particular or special status.”

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