Breakthrough in medicine: the cure for incurable forms of cancer

Прорыв в медицине: Создано лекарство от неизлечимых форм рака

Scientists of the National health system, UK (NHS) has created the cure for cancer, which helps with his incurable forms. It is reported BAGNET, referring to the newspaper Daily Mail.

We are talking about Entrectinib – the medicine that can get rid of tumors, regardless of their location in the body.

“Such methods of treatment as Entrectinib, can revolutionize cancer treatments by guiding it to a genetic mutation that activates the growth of the tumor, regardless of its location,” said a scientist from the NHS, Boysen Meindert.

It is noted that traditional methods of treating cancer based on where there are malignancy.

It is known that the new drug is intended for persons over the age of 12 who suffer from rare cancers.