Breakthrough NASA – in space found the first molecule

Прорыв NASA – в космосе нашли первую молекулу

The helium hydride ion remains one of the most common molecules on Earth, but still failed to find it outside our planet.

Scientists from euroobserver SOFIA discovered the first molecule that formed in the Universe “soon” after the Big Bang, the helium hydride ion (HeH +). The spectra of these chemical compounds are found in planetary nebula in the constellation of Cygnus, says the press service of the Aerospace Agency.

As the scientists began this study

More than 13 billion years ago the universe was something of a hot soup from the simplest monatomic elements. The formation of the first molecules from the Big Bang theory, occurred about 100 thousand years after the reference point.

At this time, the temperature of the Universe has dropped to 4000 degrees Kelvin: there were atoms of hydrogen, helium and lithium. Then the helium United with the audience ionized hydrogen (H+) – formed the first molecules of ionized helium hydride.

Before the appearance of stars from this moment remained not less than 100 million years. Each molecule produces radiation with the characteristic frequency is a sort of “fingerprint” by which it can identify.

Watch the video NASA findings:

This nebula is the remains of a star, and in 2018 there for the first time in the entire history of observations found traces of tellurium.

Almost all models of astrophysicists provided for the existence of HeH + in gaseous nebulae, “the cradle of stars” and in planetary nebulae left over after supernova explosions. But until now scientists could not find evidence of this assumption.

This discovery confirms a key part of our basic understanding of the early stages of the formation of the Universe and over billions of years it formed complex chemical compounds
– rejoice in NASA.

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