“Breast cancer”: the Risk of cancer will decrease if eat foods with omega-3 scientists

The low cost of such products can permanently protect a woman against the risk of repeating the fate of human cancer, the researchers note.

«Рак молочной железы»: Риск онкологии снизится, если есть продукты с Омега-3 – ученые

A new study shows that people use the diet in marine fatty acids omega-3 is not in vain. This element in the diet slows the growth and spread of breast cancer cells in female mice. Enriched omega-3 diet has also improved survival of rodents, where scientists recently conducted an experiment.

“Fatty fish, such as salmon, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and is able to prevent or slow breast cancer,” the researchers emphasize.

A lot of research on the benefits of a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids have been made but not all the evidence scientists have thus. It is noteworthy that the healthy fats found in fish, seafood, nuts and seeds, and fish oil, vegetable oils and some fortified food products. The risk of cancer will decrease if eat foods with omega-3 several times a week, stress the researchers.

«Рак молочной железы»: Риск онкологии снизится, если есть продукты с Омега-3 – ученые

For example, an extensive study of almost half a million people, which lasted about 16 years, recently showed that eating greater amounts of fish and long chain omega-3 reduces the risk of mortality and can prolong life. Omega-3 can improve cardiovascular and cognitive function, potentially helping the person. Fish oil may reduce tumor, inhibiting metastasis Professor Talmadge commented on the results, saying: “Studies of the Hajj were given insight not only about the influence of dietary fatty acids omega-3 on tumor growth and metastasis, but also about the field of metastasis”.

“Thus, not only decreased total metastasis, secondary tumor growth in ovarian, kidney and the contralateral breast,” – said a colleague of the researcher.

So, the scientist puts forward a hypothesis that a diet rich in fish oil, can prevent the spread of tumors by curbing the inflammation that underlies metastasis.

“Our study highlights the potential therapeutic role of long-chain fatty acids omega-3 in the control of tumor growth and metastasis,” – said the author of the idea.

However, the researcher warns, this does not mean that diet will prevent breast cancer from forming in the first place.

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