Brexit without an agreement with the European Union will cost Britain USD 114 billion

Brexit без соглашения с Евросоюзом будет стоить Британии 114 млрд долларов

Candidates for the position of head of the British government promise to bring the country out of the EU until 31 October

Unauthorized withdrawal of great Britain from the European Union could cost the country’s budget is 90 billion pounds. This was announced by the Minister of Finance Philip Ellington, RBC-Ukraine online reports referring to “Radio Svoboda”.

In dollar terms this would amount to $ 114 billion. According to Ellington, this amount should be included in the taxes.

“It should also be taken into account in future spending and tax decisions”, – said the Minister of Finance.

We will add that now, instead of Theresa may to head the British government claimed two of the candidates – former mayor of London Boris Johnson and foreign Minister Jeremy hunt. They both promised to withdraw Britain from the European Union until 31 October – regardless of whether the deal will be completed with the EU or not.

The UK should leave the EU on March 29, however, the Parliament rejected all proposals Theresa may. She resigned shortly after was unable to reconcile with the British Parliament the agreement on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. Add that on 10 April Mae and the EU leaders at an emergency summit in Brussels agreed to extend the term Brexit until October 31.