Brezhnev closed the mouths of all hard-core fans: shed light on his divorce from Meladze

Брежнева закрыла рты всем злостным фанам: пролила свет на развода с Меладзе

Vera Brezhnev for the first time commented on the divorce Meladze.

Popular Ukrainian singer and actress Vera Brezhnev stood up to mass rumors and talk about the divorce with Konstantin Meladze.

On Saturday, may 11th, the famous producer Konstantin Meladze celebrated his 56th birthday. However, this event did not hurry to congratulate his wife Vera Brezhnev. Because of this, the media began to talk about the fact that the couple is experiencing difficult times.

Vera Brezhnev responded to rumors of divorce with Konstantin Meladze after a few days with the help of social networks. Vera Brezhnev has shed light on the situation in the new post in Instagram.

“Today friends sent couple of articles on the topic that I have not greeted my husband happy birthday in Instagram… And I would like to ask people, do you really think that I have a husband with whom you live, to congratulate here? Do you really think that the indicator of love, life together and the happiness this photo in social networks? Or do you think everything you see in Instagram – is it true? Today I spent a happy day without social networks. Next to the birthday boy. Congratulating him personally first. Dneproenergo. Here we are with Bones look at all this and wish you the love of real, not virtual,” wrote Brezhnev.

The fans exploded with a lot of comments under the post of the singer: “Apparently the news is more in the world, since it is necessary to twist? all wait for info about your imminent divorce? and funny, and I want to cry of course”, ” that’s a fact! Best congratulations to recognize the quiet peaceful! I also have the best and biggest! And also Taurus. It is so difficult and so interesting) is that right?)”, “Everyone is waiting because You famous people, and they as they say at all times was an interesting and important birthday or just the day, let’s all here… Just want, then You’re in trend? bad when and not remember? so, do not be offended by the people, for them and You on stage! Happiness To You!”

Nagado, Brezhnev’s daughter switched. Fans noticed that the mother and daughter more like sisters.

Брежнева закрыла рты всем злостным фанам: пролила свет на развода с Меладзе