Bribe the leadership of the NABU and SAP: details

Взятка руководству НАБУ и САП: подробности

Record trick guide anti-corruption agencies asked for the case to be closed the refinancing of a real Bank.

It is reported that the money passed on the Parking tax. In this case three persons are detained.

“The first detainee – the employee of state tax service, he worked as a Deputy of chief GU the SFS in Kiev, the second was related, now this is checked, the company Burisma, and is a Trustee Zlochevsky, and a third person is also an employee of GFS, and also a Trustee Zlochevsky,” – said the head of the NABOO Sytnyk.

Verified participation in a crime of employees of Office of public Prosecutor.

It is reported that to expose the detainees used a fake resolution on the termination of proceedings, as the transfer of money they wanted to make sure that the production closed.

“We were surprised that this production in a period when there was investigative and procedural steps under our guidance, in the office of the attorney General from the stick of one of the workers, which takes the administrative position in the office of the attorney General, was online monitoring ERDR about whether this decision not only on paper, and recorded in ERDR. I hope that the attorney-General who knows how to conduct an internal investigation promptly, this time not to classify them and conduct an internal investigation of this shameful fact, and inform the society whether the offense “.

It is noted that this is a record bribe in Ukraine’s history. 5 million dollars offered to the official for the closure of the case and another 1 million – middlemen. The money brought in to the press conference.

Yet the claim that money was offered for the dismissal of the criminal case, which involves the ex-Minister of ecology Mykola Zlochevsky.

The bribe was intended for the closure of the episode, which led the company contributed to the appropriation of funds of a stabilization loan, the NBU issued by a real Bank.

The case was registered 3 Jun 2020.

“Why were you in such a hurry? Because tomorrow Mr. Zlochevsky’s birthday and had a plan to achieve maximum results and to close criminal proceedings and to ensure the return Zlochevskiy of Ukraine”, – said Sytnik.

Tomorrow anti-corruption court will elect a measure of restraint as the detainee.

Also commented on a well-known agent of NABOO undercover Evgeny Shevchenko.

According to media reports, the money was found in the car of Deputy head of STS of the city of Kiev Nikolay Ilyashenko. Also reportedly arrested was lawyer Andrew Kitsch.