Bribery leadership of SAP and NAB in SAP deny the existence of correspondence between the public Prosecutor and the suspect

Подкуп руководства САП и НАБУ: в САП отрицают наличие переписки генпрокурора и подозреваемой

According to SAP, in record no such correspondence.

In SAP denied that the correspondence of the attorney-General Irina Venediktova and former Director of the administrative Department of the State fiscal service Elena Mazurova, which is one of the suspects in the case about the bribe to the leadership of the SAP and the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

“The information spread in the media about the discovery of the correspondence with the attorney General involved in one of the cases is not true. In the case of providing 5 million U.S. dollars to the leadership of SAP and NABOO is no correspondence of one of the suspects with the Prosecutor General”, – stated in the message.

In SAP also noted that none of the publications, which published the above information did not apply to them for comment.

Currently, the investigation is suspended, Zlochevsky is wanted.

The criminal proceedings of attempting to bribe the leaders of anti-corruption bodies registered 3 June, that is, from the time when the investigation became aware of the criminal scheme, and before the arrest it took only 9 days. The rush of persons who gave a bribe was connected with the approaching June 14, the birthday Zlochevsky, whom they wanted to make a gift and ensure its return to Ukraine.

The result has been detained the first Deputy chief of the State tax service in Kiev Nikolay Ilyashenko, one of the leaders of the group of companies Burisma and the former head of one of departments of the SFS of Ukraine – Trustee Zlochevsky.

Ilyashenko reported about suspicion in Commission of a crime under part 5 article 27, part 4 of article 369 of the criminal code (aiding in the provision of official holding especially responsible position, undue advantage for the Commission in the interests of a third person action using the given power, on preliminary arrangement by group of persons).

According to investigators, he received funding from individuals associated with Zlochevsky. The resolution on closing of criminal proceedings mentioned he estimated at $ 6 million, of which $ 1 million had planned to keep and $ 5 million to transfer in the form of bribes to the leadership of the NABU and SAP. All $ 6 million were seized by law enforcement officers.

Involvement in crime is also verified by representatives of the attorney General’s Office, which is in agreement with the detainees gave them information that the case is really closed, what contains information in the registry.

According to the head of SAP nazara Golodnitsky, June 12 with the stick one of the workers of the attorney General’s Office, which occupies an administrative position, was carried out online monitoring ERDR for any available data on production closing.

On this fact the EXHAUST is conducting an internal investigation.

Reference to UNIAN. The case concerns the investigation against businessman Sergei Kurchenko, who is suspected of participation in a criminal organization of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and the implementation in its structure of particularly serious crimes against the state of Ukraine.

The defendants in the “case of Bank”, which GPU declared suspicion on the facts of Commission of several criminal offences which are the former head of the presidential administration Borys Lozhkin, the former head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva, the former Minister of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky, the incumbent at the time Deputy head of the presidential administration Oleksiy Filatov and other top officials.

In particular, the case Zlochevsky, the closure of which was offered a bribe, for involvement in the misappropriation of funds of a stabilization loan from the national Bank, which has been controlled by Kurchenko “real Bank” and the legalization of these funds. What was announced a suspicion a number of persons, including Zlochevsky.

Only in the course of investigation reported suspicion 98 persons, including officials, including 12 officials of the Central Executive bodies and National Bank and 6 heads of regional state administrations, 14 people – in the leadership of state-owned enterprises.

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