Bridgestone EMEA introduced a new line of truck tires Duravis R002

Bridgestone EMEA представила новую линейку грузовых шин Duravis R002

Bridgestone has announced the launch of a new line of heavy-duty truck tires Duravis R002 that will help trucking companies lower operating costs due to the outstanding wear resistance of new tires and provide improved fuel efficiency.

The new line includes three models of the tire: Bridgestone Duravis R-Drive 002 (drive axle), Bridgestone Duravis R-Steer 002 (for steering shaft) and Bridgestone Duravis R-002 Trailer (for trailer axles), is designed for mixed applications on various types of trucks and provide superior traction on wet surfaces.

As reported, the Japanese manufacturer of tyres Bridgestone Duravis new generation was developed and tested in partnership with 17 fleets of 13 countries in a variety of conditions. Compared with their predecessor models, the Bridgestone R-Drive 001 R-Steer 001 and R168 – new ruler Duravis have increased by 45 percent the service life and reduce cost per kilometre on average by 15 percent.

Bridgestone Duravis range of positions R002 as a multi-purpose tire, capable of operating in a wide range of conditions and applications, from high speed highways to regional roads. The bus bars have a best-in-class grade “a” for wet grip and a labelling 3PSFM and M+S, indicating suitability for year-round operation.

“Tyre wear is one of the biggest problems for fleets that want to avoid additional costs, – the Director of the Bridgestone EMEA sales truck tires Steven De Bock. Thanks to its exceptional performance, our new tire Duravis R002 will help them significantly reduce maintenance costs.”

As with all new bus and truck tires Bridgestone new Duravis R002 will be equipped with RFID tags, radio frequency identification, which will bring the customers of the Japanese company added value with the ability to monitor the tire condition in a timely manner and carry out their preventive maintenance using the package management and maintenance of your tyres Bridgestone Total Tyre Care.

Truck tyres new line of Bridgestone Duravis R002 will be available from September 2019 in four basic sizes with a rim diameter of 22.5 inches, six additional sizes will be added in 2020.

Bridgestone EMEA представила новую линейку грузовых шин Duravis R002