Briefly from Brussels: the EU and COP24. The court of “breccia”. Dangerous gifts

Вкратце из Брюсселя: ЕС и COP24. Суд о "брексите". Опасные подарки

The program “Briefly from Brussels”:

At the UN Conference on climate change in Katowice announced that carbon dioxide emissions will grow this year by 2.7 percent compared to 2017. In the European Union, they will fall 0.7 percent.

Neposredstvenno before opening СОР24 the European Commission unveiled its climate strategy. The task: by 2050, to catch, to absorb and neutralize as much greenhouse gases, how the EU throws.

Members of the “Greenpeace” on the loose

In Slovakia, foreigners are exempt from the environmental organization “Greenpeace” once the attorney General saw no grounds to keep them under detention.

Last Wednesday, activists staged a demonstration at the mine “Novaky”, where climbed on the rig and hung a banner reading about the dangers of coal to the environment. To them threatens till five years of imprisonment.

The opponents of the “breccia” hopeful

The European court of justice in Luxembourg on the morning of 10 December, will announce its decision on whether the UK unilaterally to cancel its exit from the European Union. Counsellor of the court already expressed the opinion that can, and usually listen to it. It gives hope to those who want “breccia”.

Risks pre-holiday trade

The Commissioner on the rights of the consumers of Vera jourova announced the list of dangerous goods in pre-Christmas trade. This is recognized as 20% of Christmas tree garlands. 4 of 39 examined the toys contained too many chemicals.

Brussels has assured buyers that the items that their children threatened, quickly removed from the European market.

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