Bright meteor was recorded in the sky over Japan: video

Яркий метеор зафиксировали в небе над Японией: видео

Яркий метеор зафиксировали в небе над Японией: видео

In the East of Japan in the Kanto region in the sky saw a bright meteor. It happened July 1 at approximately 17:30 GMT (20:30 Kyiv time). In addition to the bright flashes, local heard a loud explosion.

As reported by, the police Department of Tokyo has received many emergency phone calls from alarmed residents.


Most people complained about a loud sound like an explosion. Some users wrote in social networks that loud sound shook the window.

As told the curator of the city Museum Hiratsuka Daiichi Fuji, this fiery object was flying from West to East and was brighter than the full moon.

Why was the loud sound

He also suggested that a loud sound called a shock wave. It was probably a piece of a very large shooting star falling on the surface of the Earth and became a meteorite.

However, in the National astronomical Observatory say that usually on a monthly basis fall to the Ground a few meteors, but usually people do not notice them.

What is a meteor?

This phenomenon arising due to the combustion in the Earth’s atmosphere of small meteoroids (e.g., fragments of comets or asteroids). When entering the Earth’s atmosphere most of them burn.

Even those that reach the ground, on the way to significantly reduce their mass, so we reach only leftovers which usually have time to cool down.

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