“Brighter than the Sun”: eachine lit up by a blinding Sun in the desert of the UAE.

An anomaly among the Sands managed to capture the witness in the photo, which is extremely difficult to describe, because so bright the Moon can Shine by day.

«Ярче Солнца»: Нибиру загорелась ослепляющим Светилом в пустыне ОАЭ – соцсети

Nibiru, according to legend, ancient inhabitants of the Earth, this is a secret planet that wanders in the Solar system and is able to trigger the end of the world. This block is able to change the course of history and will be able to instantly swallow the Earth, or to trigger another ice age, which mankind will perish. New reports about the approach of Nibiru dismaying and “annoying” users. However, sometimes there are situations where a secret planet X spontaneously emerging from the shadows. It happened today.

Nibiru literally lit up by a blinding Sun in the desert of the UAE. According to tourists, the planet-killer brighter than the Sun showing the light than puzzled tourists. Extraordinary the eyewitnesses published in the social network. Judging by the photos, it becomes clear that this is not a satellite of the Earth, because in the daytime people can see the moon, but its brightness is not so large. This opinion was expressed by the researcher of paranormal phenomena, after he read dozens of comments on the social network. There is speculation that this is the highlight, but the similarity of this phenomenon also may not give such a bright clone of the beam, he said.

On the basis of image it is understood that tourists are quite real was able to capture Nibiru and not realize it. The reasons for this situation is the fact that people are constantly intimidated by the end of the world, Apocalypse and even the day of judgment. Only here evidence of the slightest words and words about the approach of Nibiru became synonymous with “fiction”, “duck”, “false”.

So treat this news as reality or attribute it to a matter of chance, it is able to decide for themselves everyone. However, it should be well understood that the probability of approaching of Nibiru to the Earth is as relevant as ever, and the Network systematically there are reports that Nibiru again appeared over Russia.

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